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How it all started

Triton Norway is a “Green Technology” company offering unique solutions that positively impacts the global ecosystem by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Since its inception in 2012, Triton Norway has had a clear and focused growth strategy based on aligning the business with other carefully selected technology and innovation companies who share the same green values and ethos. 

Triton Norway is a Norwegian company established in 2012 as a continuation of Hydrotech International which 2011. The entire development team carried on into the new Company. This development team has a legacy dating back 30 years with the original Electro osmosis inventor Kjell Utklev as the mentor.

This team has developed a number of Electro osmosis systems for OEM partners through the past 30 years. This time, the development team has created a superb system for themselves and for their own company. This latest generation of MPS derivative in Electro osmosis waterproofing, is called Advanced Osmotic Puls. Short named AOP.

The company is situated in Sarpsborg, about 100km south of Oslo, the capital of Norway.
All electronics and software are develop and produced in Norway and the Control unit is manufactured in Norway.

A well-prepared partner strategy has been firmly embedded in the company from the start, in connection with customer relationships, technological development and the procurement of other expertise. After many years’ intensive product research and development, and major investment, we are proud to work for a company that has changed from being an innovative development company to a commercial technology supplier on the international market. Today we have partners in USA, UK, Norway, Gibraltar, Hong kong and China. We have the clear goal of redefining the use of traditional waterproofing around the world.

Success is achieved by adhering to our clear partner strategy, together with existing partners and new ones.

Our Mission

To solve complex environmental challenges with first of a kind innovation that provide sustainable and tangible benefits on a global scale

It is our objective to ensure that our customers can achieve major financial savings by using our technology.

Triton Norway focuses and shall continue to focus on sound financial operation that can ensure future growth, promote further development of the company and create profits for our partners.

Our Values

Triton Norway is a “Green Tech” company offering unique technology that has a positive impact on the global ecosystem by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.