Manufacturing sector

Manufacturers world-wide share the same challenges whatever sector they are in -whether it is cost efficiencies, quality, or performance.  Environmental factors are now equally important and with this brings a whole range of modern day challenges for the manufacturer.


How to manage plastic waste is one of the world’s biggest environmental challenges; but finally, there is a solution. Triton Norway with its first of a kind Green Polymer innovation will change the way in which we use and recycle plastic forever. 

Triton Green Polymer is a total plastic recycling solution that tackles both industrial and household mixed plastic waste streams allowing for 100% recycling.  This not only solves a huge environmental problem but also provides high-quality raw material.

Triton Green Polymer is a process that can even turn single-use plastic into high-grade reusable granulates that can be recycled numerous times at less cost than virgin plastic material.

Solving Challenges Specific To manufacturing

Reduce environmental impact and C02

The overriding objective of recycling is to reduce or minimise environmental impact, overall carbon footprint and energy conservation. 

Material Quality

The unique process used to generate superior granulates results in a material that, if not stronger than current recycled plastics, is equivalent to virgin material.


Using the Triton Green Polymer process,  single-use plastics are directed into specialist waste streams specifically intended for products with a longer lifespan.

Cost/Output Ratio

Energy and cost efficiency benefits in the form of reduced C02 and conservation of extra energy that otherwise would have been expended to produce virgin plastic.  Triton Norway has proven its solution is superior to other forms of technology employed in the recycling process.